Broward College Selects Stinghouse for American Dream Scholarship Mural

Broward College chose Stinghouse to craft something different.

Broward College envisioned a mural inside the main building of their Fort Lauderdale campus – a mural that would inform and inspire students, educators, and potential donors – about the American Dream Scholarship and it’s impact on Broward College students.

What does the American Dream mean to you? For the students of Broward College, the American Dream means the opportunity to receive an education, to realize success in a fulfilling career, and to enjoy a sustainable way of life as a result.

Broward College believes that anyone who is determined to change his or her life through higher education should be provided that opportunity. The American Dream Scholarship is Broward College’s commitment and promise to these motivated students.

Stinghouse is delighted to further explore the realm of education and go beyond traditional advertising. Together, Stinghouse and Broward College are creating an accessible, innovative installation that will positively impact the lives of Broward College students for years to come.

According to Susan Peirce, Executive Director, Development and Campaign at Broward College, “Everything is better since Stinghouse was recommended to us. Alberto, Christy, and the team take time to truly understand our passion. They deliver focus and amazing creativity that inspire through words and images. Stinghouse helps us to do our best work that ultimately impacts thousands of students and our great community. “

Stay tuned for updates as the mural nears completion.

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