From Bean Town to Beach Side:
South Beach Hosts the Ad Age Small Agency Conference

Thank you Ad Age for selecting Miami. It was a year ago that Stinghouse stood up in a crowded room at the Ad Age Small Agency Conference in Boston and made our pitch to bring the conference to a place we lovingly call The Magic City. Immediately thereafter, advertising execs from Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Chicago and beyond, stood up for their respective great cities, but in the end, Ad Age picked Miami. I guess when Stinghouse speaks, Ad Age listens. I’m sure the sun, fun, and warm faces didn’t hurt. We’re just glad you came and reminded all of us in attendance that small agencies do BIG work and have deep impact in driving creative solutions in the advertising industry. Ad Age Editor Ken Wheaton, thanks for the shout out from the main stage at the start of the conference. Very cool.

Some of my big takeaways include:

28434503992_6d41f592b9_o· “Hey managers, get outta the way! And let team members work.”
Wise words from Jack Skeels of Agency Agile, who helped us analyze our agency’s decision-making process, our managerial styles, and agency effectiveness. And because this year’s international conference was hosted locally, we were able to take a larger team. The impact of this is that we got to learn and grow together as an agency. In the end, it was about improving agency performance by empowering your people. #better #faster #happier

· “Prioritize People, Work, then Money. In that order.” The pressure to prioritize money is always on. Glad that a successful leader reminded us that the path to sustained success is People and Work, and then the money follows. When this year’s Multicultural Ad Agency of the Year leader speaks, we listen. Thanks Jose Molla of The Community.

· “Strength resides in client relationships,” said Sandy Greenberg of Terri and Sandy. As true in advertising as it is in life. Good reminder to not lose sight of this truth. Thanks amigas. The list goes on, as so do the lessons.

And to the new publisher at Ad Age, Josh Golden, what an exciting time be coming aboard Ad Age. We hope Miami delivered. Already looking forward to next year. The list of cities that pitched to land the 2017 Small Agency conference is impressive. Wherever it is, we’ll see you there.
The most flattering thing we say for a job well done at Stinghouse is #stingdeep.
#stingdeep Ad Age, #stingdeep.


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